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Gonzo Games is a San Francisco based indie game studio developing fun and addicting games across mobile and online platforms. Comprised of 3 core teams, the "Mobile" team develops casual and multiplayer games; the "Casino" team develops social mobile and online casino platforms and provides full casino development services  while our "Gamification" team develops Serious games for enterprise clients.

Gonzo Games Mobile Team develops mid core and casual games with leading mobile publishers. The team recently completed Q*bert, bringing to mobile the original arcade version and a new 3D interpretation with new features and gameplay. The team also completed 2 mobile games in partnership with Black Eyed Peas front man Apl.de.ap. Tailored to the South East Asian market, the games will cater to local cultures and sports and feature original music compositions by Apl.de.app. Next up are 4 mobile games scheduled for launch in late 2014. They include a multi-player strategy game, a multi-player real world strategy game, an endless runner and a puzzle game. Of note, the team’s first ever iOS Game, Potty Racers, was #2 in the AppStore for 3 weeks in Summer 2010 and again in Spring 2011. The game’s position was bolstered with its own TV ad on the Viacom cable network channels. Current and former clients include 505 Games, Chillingo, MTV Networks/Addicting Games, Nickelodeon, Spil Games, and others. Development partners include Present Creative and GPC Games.

Gonzo Games Casino Team services mobile and online casino operators for 9+ years and counting. The team’s extensive expertise includes all facets of mobile and online casino game development, from UI/ UX, client/ server engineering, payment systems integration, security solutions, deployment and live operations. All work performed complies with strict UK Gambling Authority regulations. The Casino Team has also developed a turnkey mobile and online social casino platform that is very robust, secure and deployable on any mobile platform. It is currently available for licensing, white labeling or sale. Legacy clients include StanleyBet, BetFair, Secure Gaming, Virgin Poker, World Poker Tour and others.

Gonzo Games Gamification Team, in partnership with Seriosity, Inc. develops serious games targeting Fortune 500 companies for employee training, productivity, engagement and retention. Unlike typical "gamification" providers that implement basic game mechanics by setting up leaderboards and badge systems, Gonzo Games specializes in measurably increasing employee satisfaction, collaboration, and productivity by incorporating the most essential psychological and economic principles of successful multiplayer online games into the daily workflow. We define core problems and goals within a work force, identify behaviors linked to the solutions, and design and build sophisticated games to reinforce and manifest those behaviors. Metrics and game designs are highly customized to unique client needs, pain points and goals. Clients include Whole Foods Market and BestBuy.

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