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"Game design is like sailing a ship while still building the hull! Jump out of a plane while still sewing your parachute and you'll get a good sense of pace in this business. The horse is never put before the cart. We race them side-by-side to see which one wins" - Matt Almer, Gamasutra

At Gonzo Games, we DO place the horse before the cart. We come up with really cool out of the box game ideas. We do our research and ask ourselves a lot of questions. How will the game play work? Will it be addicting? Has anyone done it before? Is it innovative?

Once we resolve these and many other questions, it's dev time - we sketch, mock-up, alpha and beta test, our kids play the games. Finaly we let it out into the wild and watch is very closely. How are the players liking the game? Are there common complaints? How are the ratings? Oops, missed that one! Then we do our final tuning and deliver the Gold Master.


Our complete portfolio of hit games is now available for viewing.

Our goal is to enable players to experience our games on many platforms, both at home or on the go. So check back soon as we continue to release exciting new Gonzo Games


Check out our current games Potty Racers

Potty Racers